Managing Change

Dealing with change at work can be difficult no matter what form the change takes. A new job, a merger, reorganization, a new boss, or a downsizing — change means leaving the known for the unknown. Facing the unknown can be a challenge for most of us. Research shows that psychological transitions made by people impacted by change are much more difficult than the situational changes made by companies or organizations. Participants of this course will examine William Bridge’s three stages of change and how these stages affect us.
4 Hours

Participants will learn how to:
• Examine the change model
• Assess their skills and capacities for managing change
• Deal with change in positive and proactive ways
• Understand the dynamics of how corporate change impacts their personal lives
• Develop skills for learning and growing through the adversity of change
• Examine their role and responsibility to themselves and the team for making changes work
• Regain traction during and after change
• Explore strategies to discover and take advantage of new opportunities